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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Reasons You Should Communicate Through Handwritten Letters

By Anne Todd

For younger generations, communicating through handwritten letters may not be appealing at all. Writing a handwritten letter requires effort--from choosing the stationery that is suitable for your purpose to finding the right kind of pen to use--as well as the skill and patience to find the right words.

But even though today's communication technologies can render the art of writing letters obsolete, there are particular experiences that only writing and sending handwritten letters can offer.

For one, sending a letter to a grieving friend, to an expectant sister, to a newly promoted pal or to a faraway loved one is the next best thing to showing up at their home's doorstep. A handwritten letter makes your presence felt even when you are a thousand miles away from the recipient.

For another thing, exchanging handwritten letters keeps the need for real correspondence alive. Letters contain honest and sincere messages, and that is why it is hard not to respond to them or share information back with equal trust.

Therefore, it's clear that there is a more important reason in rekindling the passion for writing handwritten letters than a misplaced sense of nostalgia. If you are wondering how it feels like receiving a handwritten letter, you have to start writing and sending letters now. For you to start right, here is a quick overview of the supplies needed for sending handwritten letters.

If writing letters is an art, then the stationery serves as your canvas. Stationeries come in different colors, sizes and designs. Simple yet distinct designs are more preferable.

A fountain pen can add a subtle hint of class to your writing. However, it may take practice and finesse before you get used to it. When you finally learn how to use the pen correctly, you can glide it across the page without straining your hands.

It's common for a fountain pen to have an elegant design. For instance, Dunhill namiki pens are painted with natural scenes and other symbolic images using lavishly colored pigments. A Namiki pen is appreciated both by collectors and valued customers for its attractive look and precise performance.

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