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Friday, July 6, 2012

Smartphone Security Issues

By Elisha Marty

Smartphones can perform both the features of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and a camera phone. Many people are using smartphones for all their work these days. But with these more advanced abilities come smartphone security issues.

Here are a few smartphone Security Tips: Utilize the screen lock and password settings for accessing your smart phone after a long inactive period. Nobody wants his personal data and smartphone security to be hampered by somebody else, so it is very smart to screen lock your phone. AVG's survey says that less than half of the Smartphone owners use this security feature. Turn off Bluetooth visibility mode and try to use Bluetooth as low as possible because you don't want unauthorized connection to your phone.

Remote locating your smart phone works primarily through GPS. It cannot show you the exact position of the smartphone but it shows an approximate location of your smartphone. In fact even if your phone is lost and disturbed by anything your data can be protected and if you want you can swipe the data clean out of your smartphone by remote command. It is very understandable that you do not want to wipe your data but if you do you will surely want it to be saved somewhere else. So store your important data somewhere else as backup. You can use your computer or online storage systems. This will enhance your smartphone security.

Hardware manufacturers of your smartphone make operating system updates available for your device including new features and smartphone security related improvements. Therefore it's good to apply updates regularly to improve your smartphone security. Text messaging can carry spam, so do not respond to any kind of links in a text message especially if you do not use anti-virus protection. You can find unwanted software and unexplained charges on your bills. Even visibility mode of Bluetooth in your smartphone should be turned off when it is not in use because surely you don't want any third party access in your Smartphone.

Avoid public Wi-Fi hot spot zones as these insecure connection services can leave your activity open to eavesdropping and thieves breaking your smartphone security. Moreover there are so many smartphone applications available and most are free and very low cost which catches your fancy. Recently malware-laden application were discovered and removed. So be-ware of the application you are using.

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