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Monday, July 16, 2012

Advantages Of Using DID Numbers In Business Phone Systems

By David Y. Scurry

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) is a function offered in the private exchange system (PBX) of businesses wherein, a small number of phone lines are used to handle phone calls made to and from a larger set of phone numbers. This actually means that each and every person in the office can have their own phone number without having their own dedicated phone line. DID numbers have many valuable applications in any business and can save the organization a lot of money.

The major benefit of DID numbers is that it allows every incoming call to be routed to the appropriate extension by bypassing the operator or auto-attendant. Direct inward dialing allows customers to directly get in touch with the particular person or department that they want without going through an automated greeting or dialing instructions. Incoming calls are dealt with in a fast and efficient way and several calls can be received concurrently while additional calls are automatically directed to voicemail.

By assigning a personal phone number to every member of the business, their clients and other usual callers can reach them quickly and directly upon calling the company. This saves time and money as it completely eliminates the need for a receptionist to answer and route incoming calls. It also gives the employees geographical freedom as they can physically be anywhere and still be available to accept calls. Since the phone calls can be directed to cell phones, it means that the person can be reached at any place as long as there is some kind of phone service. This function is particularly useful for companies that have employees who travel widely on the job or work from a remote location instead of coming into the office.

DID numbers take over the function of an answering service and help the company save on the cost of buying, installing and maintaining the hardware needed to have such a service. This system can also ensure that inbound faxes are directly routed to the person to whom it is addressed. Another useful feature of the direct inward dialing function is the capability to block any numbers if needed.

The DID feature is available as part of the easily installed virtual PBX, more commonly referred to as a virtual business phone system. Due to this, the organization's employees can be part of a virtual call center from pretty much anywhere in the world.

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