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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Press Releases Are A Small Businesses Best Friend

By Brock Hamilton

Every small business knows that there are certain aspects of running a small business that you will have to face when you own your own business. One of the hurdles that you will have to face is the fact that one day you will have a major announcement that you need to make and will need a way to get it to several people all at once. That my friend is where the press release comes into play.

The press release will be helpful as this will help to get your message out to the rest of the world. So what all is a press release and how will this help me in my quest to spread the word about my product or service to the rest of the world. First you will need to understand the basic concept that is behind the press release. First look at a press release as you would a announcement that you would make about a change in your management structure.

Maybe you are going to announce the new product line up for the fall, you would want to use a press release for such an event. You will need to cover the basics in your release who, what , when, and where this will tell the person all of the important information that they will need in order to get the overall picture as to what is going on and when it is happening.

Many people think that you have to write a 3 page description in order to get the most from your press release. This is not the case as many a press release can be written and all in under a page itself. If you are not one of those people that feel comfortable with writing a press release then you will be able to hire a person that will write it for you so that it will come across as being professional. Many small businesses and even the larger ones will have a person on staff that will be assigned the task of writing a press release when they are needed.

These tips are the basics of a press release; now sure there are other things that will make marketing your business a success but that will be just a lot of time and expense that you might not always have available to you in your budget. Writing a press release can be easy and less time consuming than other methods of driving traffic to your site. Plus it works really well when you write the press release right.

If you need to drive traffic to your website fast then you need to sit down and outline what it is you want to say in your press release. Once you have the outline done, write the press release and start sending it to as many blogs, ezines, and opted in email lists you can get your fingers on!

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