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Friday, December 18, 2009

Is Your Business Going Public? Viral Marketing Will Get You The Publicity You Need

By James Scott

As a corporate publicist I'm constantly beat over the head with the latest and greatest way to get my client's brand out to the public in an orderly yet expedient manner. Fly-by-night methods and organizations come and go, yet the original promotional concepts that yield that greatest results are still at the forefront of the publicity industry, they've just evolved and taken a different shape.

Catering to the mental triggers of the populace while weaving a web of information and post hypnotic cues through the cynical conscious minds to the unconscious faculty of legions of oblivious targets (oops! I mean 'potential customers') is still the name of the game. Television, the visual stimulus that fed exhausted, lackluster minds with a temporary, emotional escape from reality has been replaced by web-mercials and the fast pace of viral media.

The informative minds that would gather facts on industry, politics and special interest concepts once supplied by the New Yorker and the New York Times is now replaced by the 24/7 information tornado of Web 2.0. Those colorful ads in Time and the Sunday paper have been overshadowed by interactive flash ads that cater to the senses of sight and sound. And of course the idiot radio DJ that would spit out grotesque and perverted one-liners while simultaneously converting the listeners mind matter to mush has been replaced by special interest audio and video Podcasts.

The reactions and actions of the population have kept the same structure, but the adaptability and ability to absorb messages has evolved. When marketing to the masses the path to the decision making sector of the mind is still initiated with a single stimulus such as an image, sound or scent. When the attention is attracted, keep that initial stimuli active like the hypnotic dance of the cobra, then use the other senses to input messages for instant or future action, in most cases this action is a purchase.

Using television and AM/MF to promote a business on a shoestring or unlimited budget is like passing up a brand new luxury sedan for a'85 Hyundai. These methods are out of date and should only be used as modest forms of passive branding while the heavy lifting of promotional branding and call to action publicity marketing should be done with online video, social and news bookmarking, press release distribution, blogging, unique article distribution, Podcasts and other innovative white-hat methods that cater to habits of modern man.

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