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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ways A VOIP Phone System Saves You Money

By Sabrina C. Burkhart

A considerable amount of small businesses have decided to install a VOIP phone system in their offices instead of sticking with traditional telecommunications companies. You can obtain just about the same phone services and calling plans that you would from a normal phone company with a VOIP services that runs calls over the Internet. Switching from a typical service to a VOIP calling plan requires a bit of infrastructure change for your office and thus should be viewed as a serious decision and not rushed into without knowing the facts. What are the advantages that you can see in your business from switching to a VOIP calling plan?

One notable area in which a VOIP phone system allows your business to spend less money is by providing lower cost infrastructure. The initial purchase of a VOIP system has been noted to be about 55% less than that of a traditional provider, so the up-front savings are substantial. Servers and simiar devices that are needed to manage VOIP calling networks are small and do not cost much, plus they are very energy efficient so they will not run up your office's energy bill.

A VOIP phone system can also be successfully maintained for much less than a normal phone system from most local companies. A study conducted by Intel mentioned that VOIP phones offered a savings of 52% annually over standard, circuit based phone servers. By saving your small business that much money every year, a VOIP telephone network gives you the power to invest those funds into marketing, advertising, and other methods of expansion.

In addition to saving money for your business, VOIP phones also allow each employee to save quite a bit of time. That is due to the fact that VOIP phones integrate well with other services, such as email, voicemail, fax, and video calling, allowing your workers to manage these features quickly. The capability for your employees to collaborate together is greatly improved, enabling them to complete assignments in a faster and more team oriented way.

Some business owners get so excited about the potential savings of a VOIP phone system that they want to make the change right away, but really looking into how this service would work for your business is important. One good method to begin comparing your options is to request price quotes for the calling plans and additional services from VOIP companies operating in your area.

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