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Friday, June 1, 2012

Online Meeting Software Can Save Your Business Money

By Ken Morrison

Meeting with people you will never be able to shake hands with is what webinar software is all about. The ability to see, interact with and share documents and spreadsheets, is something that has allowed the growth of many small businesses. The potential for greater growth is only in the imagination of the presenters and participants.

Web conferences should be noted as meetings, face to face meetings, over the internet. The presenter can be in their office and the invitees can be anywhere they happen to be. This can happen on the beach or in the mountains. The person putting on the online meeting sends invitations with an appropriate URL and a code to get into the system when the meeting is to start.

The things that preceded this form of communication was the chat rooms and forums. These, of course, are still in use, however, the security of these forms are not as good as with webinars. Sharing documents and classified information needs a more secure method of transmitting them back and forth.

These are programs that can be installed on your computer and allows for audio and the important video conferencing anywhere. Some of the packaged web based programs may have more bells and whistles than some of the other available software technologies, however, you will have more control. Many of these will allow the transfer of documents and others will not.

A conferencing bridge or an MCU (multi-party control unit) is used to make all of this possible. The video streaming, all high quality, is absolutely necessary for the meetings to take place in real time. This is the perfect answer for those who can not go to everyone and meet personally.

Finding out what is on the mind of all personnel who have a stake in any decision is the purpose of this high tech innovation. The webinar software that is available will put all of those folks in the same virtual room for discussions that might not take place otherwise. Vendors, clients and other customers can know what is happening and what is expected of them and the business professional can be better prepared for their future endeavors.

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