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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 Harsh Realities Of Networks

By Jason Braught

If you rely on cell phones to do business, then it may shock you when you think about how long cell phones have been around, and how people had to use much less efficient means for business before that, like using the postal service. Back then, if you wanted to talk to someone that was not in your immediate vicinity, it took some real effort.

People wanted to have the power to call people wherever they are, and needed the ability to conduct business a little faster, so cell phones were invented. If you didn't want to own a mobile phone at that time for any reason, then you still weren't out of luck because they were making landlines even better so that people could actually use them without too much effort. With cell phones, people have found that it is much easier for them to do business and call friends and family whenever and wherever they want. For many of us, it is still really hard to believe that mobile phones have not been with us forever.

In the early years of the human race, it did not take very long before they needed some way to communicate over long distances. Light signals were just one of the ways that people communicated over long distances, like with lighthouses on the ocean. The modern alarm system started out as a form of an alarm many centuries ago, when people would use loud noises to warn large populations of incoming threats. That time was a little less fast paced than it is now, so these methods suited the people of that time better than they would suit us today.

As communication evolved, people were able to get places faster by the means of automobiles instead of horseback riding. Finally, there was a breakthrough in the communications industry in the 19th century that gave people the ability to communicate very quickly over long distances. When the telegraph was invented, people were able to send an unheard of amount of information very quickly without having to go anywhere themselves. Telegraphs and Morse code gave people the ability to communicate with each other with technology that seemed unreal at the time.

Soon thereafter came Alexander Graham Bell and the invention of the telephone, which was one of the most important inventions of the last few centuries. Since most people still couldn't afford something like this at that time, it was used by rich companies and government to send information because it had such a low error rate for telecommunication services at that time. As this technology evolved, so did our need to communicate with faraway places, and now the modern cell phone allows us to communicate very quickly with anywhere in the world.

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