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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Way Forward For Bluetooth

By Amy Whitehouse

Because it meets the basic requirements of connectivity in close range, Bluetooth has an especially bright future ahead of it. Bluetooth is essentially the results of initiatives from nine leading communications and computer industry giants, including 3-COM, Sony, Lucent, IBM, Nokia, Microsoft, and so on.

Since the forming of the original group, more than 1,800 makers around the world have joined the initiative. According to reports, the Bluetooth technology is anticipated to be built into more than 100 million devices, with over 670 million enabled Bluetooth devices.

Resulting from the wonderful success of WAP (Wireless Application Custom), the adoption of smart phones and hand held products, Bluetooth can easily have an amazing impact on your day by day life. Bluetooth is one of the key technologies that can help to make the mobile information society happen, by blurring the chances between home, the office, and the outside world.

The continuing integration and connectivity that Bluetooth guarantees will give the chance to explore a wide range of interactive and highly transparent customized services which were basically quite difficult to dream about simply due to the complexity involved with making such devices communicate with one another.

"Many Bluetooth pilot products have recently been rolled into the market and backed by huge sellers, which is a healthy sign for the acknowledgment of the technology," announces health stories reporter Bob Beemen. The support for Bluetooth is not confined to corporations that develop only Bluetooth enabled products.

The applications for Bluetooth can have great impact on other industries too. The adoption of Bluetooth technology is expected to spread throughout the industry of computers.

Unlike infrared technology, Bluetooth is employed by many alternative wireless devices. Bluetooth offers phenomenal quality for short range wireless, even going through walls and obstructions. While infrared is the largest rival at this time, Bluetooth far exceeds it, establishing to millions that it is the wireless communication technology of the present time and age.

At the start, Bluetooth started with version 1.0, then gradually moved from there. The prevailing version is 2.0+EDR, with another version now underway. The technology behind the Bluetooth blueprint always getting better, which is the reason why it's so well-liked.

In the future, you can expect the technology behind Bluetooth to improve. Bluetooth has demonstrated to be the wireless standard of the future, offering you wifi connection for lots of different devices. For cell phones or different types of wireless connections, Bluetooth is the one technology that you do not want to find yourself without.

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