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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Error-free Address Database

By David Jones

The success of any business undertaking relies much on how people know and patronize its merchandise. The internet is now the single most effective medium to inform people about any commodity including its specifications and prices. You can just open your PC and be surprised at the many possibilities of buying something. The times of wheeled shopping carts have gone by with the onset of online purchasing.

However, those companies that actually went beyond using the internet as an advertising battlefield gained an even higher edge. By allowing customers to purchase their products or just to make inquiries online, they earned even higher points in customer satisfaction. As a result they increased revenues and decreased costs on labor and other usual expenditures that a company might see with traditional advertising.

However, online orders and other similar business deals through a wire or wireless medium do have its disadvantages. Errors in data entries to process an order can occur, small ones but harmful to the business as well. The errors with the most adverse effect are those related to wrong address entries from the front-end and the back-end. The resulting delays in deliveries alone have given headaches to both customer and the business.

Companies have introduced a solution on address database problems; offering address software that would help businesses in validating and correcting, if necessary, all address data entries. For back-end verification, it has a batch cleansing software, which can validate and cleanse a company?s address database. Both of these amazing software options counter the possibility of human or even system errors and, thereby, favors any company?s drive towards efficiency.

Address software provides front-end and back-end accurate verification of addresses. It is easy to install and is generally user-friendly. It can also be easily integrated into any database commonly used by most business companies.

The software can verify addresses against the records of the United States Postal Services (USPS), making it even more accurate. Upon entry in any ordering or registration form, addresses are checked and corrected first before they are saved. The addresses entered on web registration and ordering are also validated in similar fashion.

Another software service is a batch-cleansing program that is now being applied by many companies. This software confirms the spelling and syntax of all entries in an address database by comparing it to the USPS record or a similar database of any country, and correcting any errors. This has been proven a very reliable solution to maintain the trustworthiness of an address database.

The benefits for businesses of address verification software boils down to one; the expectation of greater returns of investment. As more and more people are relying on online shopping and other web-based transactions, the necessity for an accurate and up to date database has become more urgent than ever. Installing address software is the solution to meet client demands and fiscal targets.

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