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Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 Easy Answers for Apple's Ridiculously Good iPhone Apps

By Barney Stinson

Loads are trying their hand, but no one seems to be able to push Apple out of the #1 position when it comes to serious innovation in getting applications out onto phones. Their app store and its inherent organization and closed system are just too strong, and there are an absolute ton of great developers out there too.

#5: Apple had a seriously smart plan in advance

You've got some software and hardware makers who change up their plans every few months, and bombard the market with more phone models than is ever necessary. Apple didn't do this -- they just made the one phone, worked insanely hard on making it really good, and haven't deviated from that plan so far.

#4: Developers, Developers, Developers!

There are loads of great developers out there doing work for the mac, and they know all about good design. Apple's SDKs have always been extremely high-quality, and this fosters great quality in their developers, too. Naturally, this was their approach with the iPhone, and it has seriously paid off.

#3: The iPhone's operating system is easily the best

All they did was take the same path as with their desktops: control the hardware, and you can greatly increase the quality of the software. Since the iPhone OS doesn't have to run on hundreds of different phones (unlike Symbian or Windows CE), the operating system is automatically optimized for that hardware, and all the software is, too. This pushes the quality of the apps beyond anything else available.

#2: Apple always likes a fight

There were an absolute ton of naysayers out there just chomping at the bit to see the iPhone die, and because of all the other guys in the market, there was no way Apple was going to muscle in and take over. And so when the app store really took off (never mind the initial success of the phone itself), Apple could stand there and smile.

#1: From Steve Jobs on down, high standards are crucial

Hey, I'm not saying every single app in the store is wonderful, or even particularly well-designed, but when you've got the main company and its hardware at such a high aesthetic and design level, it automatically makes you -- if, say, you're a developer -- try a whole lot harder. Apple keeps its standards up and we reap the benefits.

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