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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are Art Postcards Superior To Traditional Postcards?

By Mitzi H. Hewitt

Just about every person has a memory of picking up a postcard on some vacation and mailing it to family or friends. Nowadays, with the advent of digital technology and extremely usable websites, it could make more sense to mail out art postcards instead. What this means is that there is a way to turn any photo or depiction into a postcard.

As a matter of improvement, something like this definitely can work much better than standing in some souvenir store and picking out a postcard that thousands of other people probably have sent in the past and will send to others in the future. Imagine standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon and taking your own photographs and then working through a website to turn it into a postcard.

Art postcards generally have all of the same general characteristics of most any traditional postcard. This means there will be an area on the back for mailing information and also a spot where a short message can be written down. The difference is that the front of the postcard shows off the skill of an artist in a way that makes it extremely personal. This also makes it an attractive alternative to sending old postcards to friends or family.

As a matter of definition, art postcards are postcards that are considered on their own merits to be artistic in nature. A famous person once made an observation that had to do with not knowing what art was defined as, but that he was also just a sure that he would know it when he sought. Today, this is truer than ever before.

Nowadays whole websites are devoted to helping a person create and then send what is called an art postcard. All that's needed is to find such a website through the Internet and a search engine by entering in a phrase such as "art postcards" and then choosing from among the many results that are returned.

The best websites all have a way to select a range of options including the style of the art -- meaning it could be minimalist or abstract or just about any other sort of style -- or even the country or subject (historical, mythological etc.) and then a way to create the art postcard and even have it delivered or mailed separately.

There are even websites where aspiring or working artists can create their own art that can be placed onto a postcard. These websites all make it possible for artists to create an image and then put it on display where it can be selected for use as postcards or other memorabilia. As a way to get an aspiring artist's name and work out there, it can be very effective.

Knowing what is now known about art postcards, it's hard to see how they aren't generally superior to old style postcards as a way to get personalized greetings out to friends and family members. When looked at with an eye towards art and beauty, who wouldn't like to receive something that has a bit of personalization and relevance to it rather than the typical store-bought souvenir postcard?

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