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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Secret To Picking Up Women

By Josh Lubens

Many a man has been at a bar, spotted an attractive woman and thought to himself, "Wow! She really works those breasts, bouncy bouncy."

Next, he went up to talk to her and within the first thirty seconds of conversation the poor bastard went belly up as she hammered him to jelly.

With his self-esteem fried to cinders, he limped away.

Maybe you've been there before? I know I have. I used to be so scared to pick up women that I'd imagine them pointing out all of my physical flaws. How cool is that - I'd reject myself before she got a chance to reject me.

If you don't know how to pick up women, then doing so will be more difficult than a blind man trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Realize this: We approach women in the wake of their cuteness - and they know it. Without them uttering a single word, they hook us in.

Half the time, even if you find them as sexy as a hemorrhoid , they'll still think you're trying to pick up on them.

Keep reading because this is about to change...

Catching a glimpse of the average man approaching a woman is a grizzly sight to behold. Think of the woman as a skilled fisherman with something irresistible hanging from her pole and the guy as a dumb fish who's minutes away from being turned into her dinner.

Even if he puts up a fight, it's game over - she already hooked him (although, if she's physically attracted to him, there's a glimmer of hope).

I'm also a fish - but an F-ed up, twisted, alien barracuda. Just when they feel that they have me on their hook I start throwing bait at them.

They chomp down and - hot diggity - I've got them on my hook and I'm reeling them in.

Here's an example. When at a nightclub or bar, my eyes rove around looking for a high foot traffic area - near the ladies room or entrance to the smoking patio, for example. When a girl struts past me I'll bump her with my elbow.

And then in an over-dramatic and offended tone I'll utter: " hurt me."

Almost always , the woman will put her paw on my shoulder and say, "Oh my... I'm so sorry."

I'll tease, "You can touch me but first you need to tell me an interesting story or a funny joke."

This emotionally hooks the woman into an interaction with you.

For most men, when a piece of T&A origami fills their groin with lust, their mind starts thinking of ways to win her over.

Put simply, she has them emotionally hooked and she knows it. Just about anything they do to impress her, is a sign she is reeling them in even closer.

With my example above, however, I'm doing the opposite. Instead of me proving myself to her, I'm making her prove herself to me. I'm the sought after Prize, not her.

In every male/female interaction only one person can be the Prize at a given time. Two people can't simultaneously chase each other.

With few exception excluded, you want to set the frame that you're the Prize and the woman is the suitor trying to win you over.

Josh Lubens, a world famous dating coach, writes under the pseudonym Swinggcat and has coached men how to pick up women for over ten years. At his website, you can get free pick up lines that actually work.

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