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Friday, November 15, 2013

Features Of Avaya IP Office Austin Package

By Terrie Ostrander

Avaya IP Office Austin services improve connectivity for small and midsized companies. It offers a platform to connect and use simple services like telephony as well as state-of-the-art communication channels including video conferencing. Connectivity is established across such devices as home and office phones, tablets, smart phones and laptops. This is an incredible platform for establishing remote workforces and mobile work stations.

The gains of installing such infrastructure include reduced operation cost and increased production capacity. This network does not require advanced or special IT skills. Business operations are easy to upscale without incurring huge capital investment. It leads to better productivity with reduced movement, flawless communication and improved efficiency along the delivery chain. The system is open to upgrading as conditions demand.

With the IP Office, employees can be reached even though they are away from their work stations or desks. It facilitates collaboration with clients in remote locations or colleagues in the field. Office space extends in a way that keeps business flowing through continued communication. The platform supports such services as full call control, IM, presence as well as conferencing. It can be installed in different devices that will suit the need of any business environment.

There is a significance improvement in customer responsiveness because it is easy and quicker to reach associates either within or outside the office. It is integrated with desktop applications where client data and other resources are stored. This means improved turnaround time and continued customized services. All parties interested in the transaction are included in a video call that has all necessary features. The features are upgraded without affecting the data or files stored. This is meant to improved efficiency.

A rich collection of features guarantees value for money. Collaborating voice and video calls, bridges that restrict access, call recording and voice mail are some of the features installed. The application is available on multiple devices including laptops, iPads, smart phones and fixed conferencing facilities. Security of data or information is not compromised along the network. The quality is excellent at all times.

A drag and drop interface manages several sites through a single phase. The software is compatible to a variety of mobile devices with a wealth of features in each case. Some of the components that users enjoy are receptionist, teleworker, mobile worker, customer service agent, power user and customer service supervisor. Support is provided by experienced and accredited technicians to ensure maximum utilization. Orientation services are offered after installation.

The application comes in advanced, preferred and essential versions. They contain features that will deliver according to your expectations and in line with your scale of business. Connectivity is seamless which increases productivity and reduces operation cost. The interface offers excellent video and voice quality. Ports for headsets are available to boost comfort and clarity.

Avaya IP Office Austin service providers make the process of administration and service delivery simple and efficient. Access to information, personnel and resources is not restricted to physical space. Better connectivity improves the quality of service delivery and cost of operations. Each client gets a customized package depending on need.

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